Workable #22: Do you trust your process?

Yeah. Me neither. How do you know it's working?

Workable #22: Do you trust your process?
Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel / Unsplash

Yeah. Me neither.

When your name isn't "Stephen King" or "Margaret Atwood" or "Joyce Carol Oates," it may be difficult to trust your process. After all, what results have you really seen? How would you know your process is working?

In a previous post, I argued that putting in the practice will create trust in yourself and in your process. This is true. I have also written about the importance of process goals to help you stay on track and build trust in that process.

Unfortunately, trust in a process can only come from repeated and intentional practice with the process. This doesn't necessarily mean that we have results similar to those luminaries I listed above. Only King, Atwood, and Oates are going to have their kind of success. You need to have your kind of success, and you need to acknowledge it.

Practice your art.
Trust your process.
Let the results be what they are.

Trusting in your process, ultimately, is not a function of results (i.e., publication or financial success). Instead, it's the result of time spent doing the thing.

The more you do the thing, the more you'll trust your process.

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