Workable #21: Write Anywhere with Anything

What tools do you really need to write? Notebook and pen? Laptop? Typewriter? Smart phone?

Workable #21: Write Anywhere with Anything
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

When I created the first draft of Lorraine, I started with pen and paper. I wrote, double-spaced, in a notebook and then transcribed that notebook into Scrivener.

At some point, I moved away from the notebook and started using one of my typewriters: mostly the Olympia SM9 and the Olivetti Studio 45. I could type faster than I could handwrite. So I’d just type and type and type, and then I would transcribe those typed pages into Scrivener.

Eventually, as I got toward the end, I chucked those analog methods and just typed straight into Scrivener.

Now, as I’m working on the rewrite of that novel and other projects, I find myself doing quite a bit of work on my phone because it’s always with me. Sometimes, I do this work in my writing studio at home. At other times, however, I do it while I’m out and about: at a coffee shop, for example, or waiting for my son’s golf match to start.

Writing begins as a solo endeavor and can be done with all kinds of portable tools, none more portable than your phone.

Write anywhere and with anything. It doesn’t matter where it starts. You don’t need the perfect conditions or the perfect tools. In fact, you probably have everything you need in your pockets, your purse, or your backpack.

Go write!

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