about inwy

about inwy
Photo by Alina Grubnyak / Unsplash — I'm definitely creating a self-portrait here. I'm just like Van Gogh. Wait a minute. Do I really want to take him as my example...? I guess he sacrificed it all for his art. Hm.

raison d'être

It's Not Working Yet (aka "inwy") exists to document the writer's journey. What does it mean to create? What does it mean to practice an art? How do we go from nothing to something? Or from something to something even better?

inwy is for those ragamuffin writers and creators: folks who are just figuring out what it takes to build something.


inwy provides thoughtful commentary on and inspiration for the creative process.


To take over the world, one missive at a time. :)


In all seriousness, we have a few values that we find important:

  1. Everyone is an artist.
  2. Art exists to make the world better.
  3. Art requires vulnerability.


Start with (Re:)write. This is a series of posts about the rewriting of a novel. I'm going to be open and vulnerable with that process. We'll see what happens!

In addition, readers can enjoy Workables, bite-sized bits of inspiration, strategy, and know-how to keep you writing and creating.

Then, we'll see what other shit comes to light. Podcasts? Interviews? Who knows?!?!?


This site was inspired, at least in part, by Seth Godin's The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. The title is lifted directly from page 67. You can read about it in the very first post on this site: "The Power of Yet."

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