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Workable : \ ˈwər-kə-bəl \ : capable of being worked. Workables are bite-sized advice, ready to go. Caution! These might help.

Frequency: Tuesdays
Length: Short. Usually < 350 words.
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Workables are small pieces of creative advice intended to fuel your artistic journey. These are geared toward people who are wanting to get started with or continue their writing practice. Workables deal with many different aspects of the practice: tips and tricks, developing an artistic/creative mindset, how to work with ideas, how to bring your whole and best self (mind, body, spirit) to the practice.

My goal with Workables is to keep you engaged with your practice.

Here are the first couple of Workables to get you started:

Workables #1: The Power of Yet
“Yet” is not “never.” We can keep writing, painting, sculpting, honing, working. We can build, we can grow, we can make, remake and remake again.
Workables #2: Practice Your Best Material
Sometimes, we mistakenly believe we aren’t good enough to work on our best ideas.


Frequency: every other Friday
Length: Long. Several thousand words.
Previous Editions

Rewrite is a longer newsletter that focuses on my journey through larger projects. The first series of Rewrite, for example, focuses on the revision of a novel. I've got a 300-page manuscript. Now what?

Each edition documents what I've been working on, provides insight into what I've learned about writing and creativity, and also spends plenty of time in deep (and necessary) self-deprecation.

If you want to join me on this journey, then here are the first couple of editions to get you going:

Rewrite #1: Taking Stock
Zero score and four years ago, I finished a manuscript for a novel tentatively (and terribly) titled The Brief and Horrible Resurrection of Lorraine Barth. Now it’s time to rewrite it...
Rewrite #2: Tools of the Trade + Character Names
Rewriting a novel is a big job. What tools should you use?

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