Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

No one has actually asked me questions, yet. But I could imagine myself having conversations about some of these things. Perhaps you wanted to ask me one of these questions.

questions about inwy

Is "inwy" a play on ennui?

Yes. If you want it to be. But no. Actually, I'm hoping for the opposite for you as you read this.

I see you're offering paid subscriptions. Do you have premium content?

Currently, I'm operating under the everything-is-premium-content business model. Some day, however, I hope to have what we traditionally think of as "premium" content: podcasts and interviews and more frequent posts and such.

Can I get stuff for free?

Yes, indeed! If you click subscribe, you'll be able to sign up for free. What will that get you? At the moment: everything delivered to your inbox. Later: dunno. Let's dream together. What do you want to pay for? :)

questions about stephen

Do you have credentials?

Yes. Next question...


Is it pretentious to call myself an "artist"?

Hell no.